The Royal Wedding

heatherlynch_rw3 In the very early hours I tip-toed down the stairs into my living room; curled up under a quilt with my tissues and turned on the television. Immediately I turned to Facebook and Twitter to find out who was out there doing the exact same thing.

Minus the Facebook and Twitter part, I have distant, watercoloured memories of doing the exact same thing as a very little girl for a very similar occasion :)

There in the darkness of a quiet house I was watching the wedding of a young couple in love on the other side of the Atlantic…and I cared…about more than the photographs and fashion...and so did 2 BIL-lion other people around the world. There will always be those with a compulsion for parade-raining, but to them I would say that a third of the Earth’s population has other plans for today.

In a time when it seems the only things that connect us are stories of sadness and sorrow; outrage; and disaster, it’s just so ‘nice’ to have a day; an event; a moment that connects us all through joy.

In the midst of the celebrations of love, hope and optimism there are so many lessons we can take away, but one of my favourites comes from my dear friend Lauren: "The lesson we take from all this is that we can wear fabulous hats any day." So true.

Another is, it's just so easy to be happy for why the heck not? It's a joy-filled, optimistic kind of day, enjoy it :)

Love. Always.