House of Style | London Ontario Home & Interior Photography

heatherlynch_jl3 Two very dear friends are moving away :( They are giving up their urban bungalow in our cozy neighbourhood, in favour of a sprawling love nest in the country - not a bad trade.

He is an artist/sculptor/woodworking genius and she is a PR and communications maven/social butterfly/and all 'round good girl. Together, they have created a home with a lot of soul; full of mid-century modern classics, contemporary accents, custom woodwork and pop culture which we have all come to admire. Where, I might add, they throw one heck of a party :)

Before they retreat, I had to get my photographic hands on this masterpiece of eclectic, cohesive style. (A key distinction, I think. One that leaves me a bit envious, if I'm being honest :)