Beckie & Darren | London Ontario Engagement Photography

HeatherLynchPhotography_BD8 Beckie has always been like the little sister I never had. As kids, she would tag along with her big sister and I on all sorts of adventures. Sometimes when I was tired of being a little sister myself, I would act like (I thought) a big sister would. This often left Beckie riding miles ahead of us on a bike ride with my encouragement: "go fast, we're right behind you" while her sister and I climbed the rocks by the river's edge. Needless to say, at the time, I was not big sister material. Lucky for me, Beckie has always been a sweet, forgiving girl and she has grown into a lovely someone I am so happy to call my friend.

When I heard the news that my sweet friend was engaged to her long time love, Darren, I felt like a big sister again. Never to send her on a wild goose chase again, I am so happy and proud. We had so much fun, and so many laughs during their engagement session in Downtown London. A fun-loving, couple in there anything better? I cannot wait to photograph their special day later this Summer :)