Baby Grace | Hamilton Ontario Newborn Photography

HeatherLynchPhotography_GP02 I recently traveled to Hamilton to meet 7 day old Grace. I couldn't wait to meet her - she is my good friend's baby girl :)

Regular blog readers may recall the story I told about myself and my two first-year room mates all having baby boys within weeks of each other - completely unplanned and a very happy surprise to be on the same exciting adventure with two girls I had already shared so much with.

Jenn is the second of those room mates to have her second beautiful child - Grace. Tanya has also had her second baby boy! This time around I won't be on the ride with them, but I'm so thrilled to see how beautifully they have taken to motherhood!

Baby Grace is adapting so well to a busy and loving household. Her big brother is fascinated with her and her furry sibling is...figuring her out ;) This little girl is going to have so much fun!

Welcome, little one!