Baby's First Year

baby b + baby e | london ontario newborn twins photography


Be still my heart. These two tiny boys, their very big, (VERY sweet and gentle) fur-sister and their superstar mom and dad had my heart melting at every turn. Double the love, double the joy…double the everything ;)

They are a wonder. Truly.

Welcome, little ones.

Heather x {London Ontario Newborn Lifestyle Photographer}


Big sister didn’t love when her baby brothers were sad, but she was never too far away to keep an eye on them. ♡♡♡♡


baby g | london ontario newborn photography


I was so excited to meet Baby G! It’s been my pleasure to photograph her family since the birth of her big brother…my other buddy G :) And she is as lovely and sweet as I knew she would be…and from the moment of her arrival, adored. An arrival that just happened to include being DELIVERED. BY. HER. DADDY.

Welcome, Baby G!

Heather x {London Ontario Newborn Photographer}


baby t | london ontario newborn photography


This was one of those newborn sessions that had a beautiful flow from start to finish. Baby T was so sleepy until the very last moment when she opened her eyes to say hello :)

Heather x   {London Ontario Newborn Photographer}


baby colin - 6 months | london ontario baby photography


One of my most favourite things to do is to photograph a family over the course of their first year of 'becoming'. Becoming a family of 3, or 4... It's my absolute honour and pleasure to capture the first year in the life of a new little human - from mommy's maternity session all the way to that first birthday milestone and all the beautiful family moments in between. 

This was my second 'Baby's First Year' for this sweet family. During Colin's 6 month session there was a tornado warning issued, unbeknownst to us - the humorous part being my endless comments about how I loved the moody lighting :) In the end, all was well and this family were their usual adorable, fun and easy-going selves.

Heather x  {London Ontario Portrait Photographer}


well, hello there.

Let's give this blog some lovin' shall we?

So many sweet, gorgeous, wonderful, breathtaking, quiet, monumental moments and photographs to share since last we met. Let's do this...

To begin, my yearly love note and a look back at September of 2016. Oh for goodness sake. (click below)

Be back soon,


charlotte's first birthday | london ontario baby photography

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I can't think of a more special, heartwarming way to celebrate a very sweet baby girl than to gather so many who love her in her favourite spot to eat :)

Charlotte, thank-you for inviting me to your very first birthday party and even bigger thanks for letting me capture a beautiful baby's first year. 

Heather x   {London Ontario Baby Photographer} 


charlotte | london ontario baby photography

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Charlotte's 8 month session took place on a gorgeous sunlit evening in Wortley Village. We walked and played the whole way through her neighbourhood. (The bonus is, it's my neighbourhood too!) This little girl couldn't have been happier…except for that moment when she had ice cream for the first time :) Perfection.

Stay tuned for the last instalment of her Baby's First Year.

Heather x  {London Ontario Baby Photographer}

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