farewell 2016, you were a monster.

This is one of my favourite rituals. Some of my favourite photographs of 2016 paired with one of my favourite songs of the year. Choosing photographs is always heart-led, but deliberate; soulful photographs that tell a story. Oddly enough (maybe not), this is how I choose the song - a song that has me head over heels in love with it. This year it’s Donovan Woods’ “What They Mean”. You need him in your life --> {HE'S HERE}

2016 is a year unlike any I’ve experienced. It was a hard one. Do you agree? A monster. It seemed like the world turned on itself in so many awful ways and suffered loss, profoundly.

Very personally, it felt like my world went dark. In early 2016 I lost my dad. 12 years after the loss of my mom, my heart…and my compass…had taken a beating. 2016 became the year of healing and questioning…my world, my life, my path, and my work. In the wake of loss I wasn’t sure if I could put myself in the middle of all the joy and love that you share with me…and still see it the same way.

For a while, my path and my work were already set. Months of bookings were confirmed and I made the decision to surrender to my photography schedule as it was. In every other moment, I was a mom and a daughter. Only. And both of those women needed to heal.

In that early whirlwind of chaos the separation made sense, but I quickly realized how connected the photographer, the mom and the daughter were. We all needed healing. And in the same way you never know who will truly and unexpectedly show up when you’re down, photography was a lifeline, for all of us.

During a year when THE world and MY world could, at first glance, seem hopeless I was shown just how much light and love live in this world. I’m leaving 2016 behind a little worse for wear, but wiser, full of love and more thankful than ever. Every year I find it hard to express how grateful I am to the friends and clients of Heather Lynch Photography – this year…I can't begin to find the words.

So here it is. My love note. My endless thanks. My look back at the year and all of the love and trust you have honoured me with.



Heather   {London Ontario Photographer}

well, hello there.

Let's give this blog some lovin' shall we?

So many sweet, gorgeous, wonderful, breathtaking, quiet, monumental moments and photographs to share since last we met. Let's do this...

To begin, my yearly love note and a look back at 2015...in September of 2016. Oh for goodness sake. (click below)

Be back soon,


farewell to 2014

this has very quickly become one of my favourite holiday traditions – babies asleep, me, alone in my studio, completely immersed in an entire year of photographs (it sort of feels like art school…minus the sleeping babies). poring over thousands of frames and stitching together a story - your story. as ‘handcrafted’ a gift as I can manage and made by me with just as much love and heartfelt gratitude for the invitation to witness your story. it’s a way of reflecting back how truly beautiful your lives are and a way of saying thank-you. click below to have a look.

thank-you to the friends and clients of Heather Lynch Photography for a 2014 full of the sweetest connections and moments shared. i wish you a 2015 full of moments…peaceful, joyful and most of all love-filled :)

Heather xo

p.s. thank-you to the amazing Jenn Grant for creating ‘No One’s Gonna Love You (Quite Like I Do)’. simply stunning.

Farewell to 2013, love and gratitude

2013 was a landmark year for me in so many ways - the heart of it, welcoming Niall's baby brother Feargus. But my other baby - my photography - was a most welcome companion every step of the way. For that I will never be able to thank the friends and clients of Heather Lynch Photography enough. Your love and openness and the invitation into your beautiful worlds remain the sweetest honour. Thank you. Two words that will always fall short when I think of the gratitude I feel. It’s with a full and happy heart that I send wishes for a 2014 full of 'those' moments (you know the ones)…grab them, live them and love in them. As much as possible.


Heather xo

P.S. Love to Royal Wood for creating the *perfect* ‘Forever and Ever’ (2013).

'farewell to 2013' Heather Lynch Photography from Heather Lynch Photography on Vimeo.

Christmas Mini-Sessions!

Is it just me, or is it beginning to feel A LOT like Christmas?! ;) Due to the high demand for Fall portrait sessions, Heather Lynch Photography is offering a WHOLE day of Mini-Sessions!

Get ahead in your holiday preparations. Capture your family photographs in time to share with loved ones AND enjoy beautifully-designed, customized Christmas cards featuring your portraits! blogcard

SAVE THE DATE! Mini-sessions will take place on Saturday, October 20, 2012

  • A 30 minute session suitable for up to 4 people, on-location in London, Ontario
  • 25 customized 5x7 full colour flat Christmas cards with envelopes
  • 10 fully edited high resolution digital images on DVD
  • All for $225

Spaces are limited, so don't delay.

For all the details and to book your session, email heather@heatherlynch.ca or call the studio at 519.902.9955 today!

Welcome Home.

Welcome to the new *green* home of the Heather Lynch Photography | Blog! Green practices are a constant priority, but it is exciting news to share that both the Heather Lynch Photography blog and website are now certified green! Our host is powered by 100% wind energy!!

While many older posts have made the move to the new address, this post marks the official start to the new blog.

As always, I love keeping in touch with the friends and clients of Heather Lynch Photography. This blog aims to encourage easier (and more!) interaction. Feel free to send a note, give feedback or just say hello. Love that!

'til we meet again...


Time Keeps on Ticking...

Hello...are you still there? Where has the time gone?! Niall is almost 5 months old and every moment has passed all too quickly. It has been a very busy and happy winter and spring for our little family, but the result is an absentee blogger. My sincere apologies.

New blog posts are on their way, spring is here and the promise of summer is in the air :)