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Stolen from my own Instagram page ;)

I’ve probably said these words at one time or another, but here I have to give the credit for them to my beauty of a husband. He said them the other day with intention and such clarity - it was like a Christmas cracker full of sparkles went off and I was hearing them for the first time. (He’s very good at this btw. ) I feel these words in my bones, they are undeniable in my heart, but my artist/dreamer mind sometimes struggles with getting to the root simplicity of things...lucky for me he’s got it mastered :)

The value of a photograph only grows over time. Truth. A record of the past - a memory you can revisit and hold on to. A gift that is more precious with the passage of time. All truths.

Photographs made me a photographer. My earliest memories are of sitting on the floor surrounded by old photographs. Photographs of the grandparents I would never meet, photographs of my parents being parented and family I longed to know in places far away. Photographs of a time and world I might never have known had it not been for those images. ♡
Fast forward to me picking up my camera everyday and creating photographs - the memories that will be held in the hands of loved ones in the years to come. It’s a feeling of awe mixed with understanding the meaning of documenting personal stories, all wrapped up in pure joy when I stop to realize that I LOVE what I do. Truly. ♡
Photographs are so important to our sense of belonging and personal histories. 9 times out of 10 the ones that are cherished are the ones that you didn’t know were taken, the ones you didn’t know you wanted, the ones that pushed you into ‘real ness’ and out of the show of it all, the ones you may have deleted off of your phone had you been in charge ;) The investment of having someone truly see the value of a moment or a photograph before you do, is priceless. Whether it’s me or another photographer creating the image, the value of a photograph only grows over time. Truth. .


baby t | london ontario newborn photography


This was one of those newborn sessions that had a beautiful flow from start to finish. Baby T was so sleepy until the very last moment when she opened her eyes to say hello :)

Heather x   {London Ontario Newborn Photographer}


baby colin - 6 months | london ontario baby photography


One of my most favourite things to do is to photograph a family over the course of their first year of 'becoming'. Becoming a family of 3, or 4... It's my absolute honour and pleasure to capture the first year in the life of a new little human - from mommy's maternity session all the way to that first birthday milestone and all the beautiful family moments in between. 

This was my second 'Baby's First Year' for this sweet family. During Colin's 6 month session there was a tornado warning issued, unbeknownst to us - the humorous part being my endless comments about how I loved the moody lighting :) In the end, all was well and this family were their usual adorable, fun and easy-going selves.

Heather x  {London Ontario Portrait Photographer}


farewell 2017, thank-you.

If you follow along, you might know that this has become a favourite tradition of mine - a look back at the year in Heather Lynch Photography's world. More specifically, it's my love note to all of you who have trusted me to capture some of your most special moments with your most cherished people. 

If you follow along, you also might know that 2016 was a trying one, personally (last year's farewell). My only wish for 2017 was to heal, just a little bit more. Thank-you to all of you that have touched this year. It's been a good one - full of happiness and joy and creativity and more healing than I could have hoped for. 

As a music lover, it's difficult to say that this song is my all-time favourite, but I will say that whenever I hear 'Nightswimming' by R.E.M. it's hard to believe I have ever loved another song in this life ;) It was my obvious choice to wrap up this particular year with a personal touch. 

Thank-you for sharing your stories and your journeys with me. Whether you knew it or not, you were an important part of mine. Please enjoy my farewell to 2017 below.

With a grateful heart.

Only love.

Heather  {London Ontario Photographer}


baby simon | london ontario newborn photography

Heather Lynch Photography - London, Ontario, Canada

Little Simon was one of the sleepiest babies I have ever had the pleasure of photographing. I met him when he was only a few days old and already there was a sense that he had always been there, surrounded by so much love. 

These first precious moments; there is real magic in them. The new, the wonder, the unbelievable love - every family's flow is different and so unique to them. It takes my breath away to see the beauty in them finding their way together: finding their flow. 

There are times when I truly believe you can all hear me *sigh* :)

Heather x   {London Ontario Newborn Photographer}


baby noelle | london ontario newborn photography


Sweet baby Noelle. I was so excited when her Mama contacted me to say she was expecting. I've had the honour of photographing her big brother over the years and I couldn't wait to meet his baby sister.

Welcome, Noelle!

Heather   {London Ontario Newborn Photographer}


baby emma | london ontario newborn photography


Oh, baby Emma and her beautiful family! Gorgeous natural light and a furry big sister who was the perfect combo of playful and protective, were just icing on the cake :)

Heather   {London Ontario Newborn Photographer}