the value of a photograph | london ontario portrait photography


Stolen from my own Instagram page ;)

I’ve probably said these words at one time or another, but here I have to give the credit for them to my beauty of a husband. He said them the other day with intention and such clarity - it was like a Christmas cracker full of sparkles went off and I was hearing them for the first time. (He’s very good at this btw. ) I feel these words in my bones, they are undeniable in my heart, but my artist/dreamer mind sometimes struggles with getting to the root simplicity of things...lucky for me he’s got it mastered :)

The value of a photograph only grows over time. Truth. A record of the past - a memory you can revisit and hold on to. A gift that is more precious with the passage of time. All truths.

Photographs made me a photographer. My earliest memories are of sitting on the floor surrounded by old photographs. Photographs of the grandparents I would never meet, photographs of my parents being parented and family I longed to know in places far away. Photographs of a time and world I might never have known had it not been for those images. ♡
Fast forward to me picking up my camera everyday and creating photographs - the memories that will be held in the hands of loved ones in the years to come. It’s a feeling of awe mixed with understanding the meaning of documenting personal stories, all wrapped up in pure joy when I stop to realize that I LOVE what I do. Truly. ♡
Photographs are so important to our sense of belonging and personal histories. 9 times out of 10 the ones that are cherished are the ones that you didn’t know were taken, the ones you didn’t know you wanted, the ones that pushed you into ‘real ness’ and out of the show of it all, the ones you may have deleted off of your phone had you been in charge ;) The investment of having someone truly see the value of a moment or a photograph before you do, is priceless. Whether it’s me or another photographer creating the image, the value of a photograph only grows over time. Truth. .