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baby b + baby e | london ontario newborn twins photography


Be still my heart. These two tiny boys, their very big, (VERY sweet and gentle) fur-sister and their superstar mom and dad had my heart melting at every turn. Double the love, double the joy…double the everything ;)

They are a wonder. Truly.

Welcome, little ones.

Heather x {London Ontario Newborn Lifestyle Photographer}


Big sister didn’t love when her baby brothers were sad, but she was never too far away to keep an eye on them. ♡♡♡♡


baby g | london ontario newborn photography


I was so excited to meet Baby G! It’s been my pleasure to photograph her family since the birth of her big brother…my other buddy G :) And she is as lovely and sweet as I knew she would be…and from the moment of her arrival, adored. An arrival that just happened to include being DELIVERED. BY. HER. DADDY.

Welcome, Baby G!

Heather x {London Ontario Newborn Photographer}


farewell 2018, you were lovely.

Another trip around the sun. Another look back, in order to look forward again. Oh. My. Heart.

Thank-you 2018, you were lovely.

This year’s song choice is a sweet little favourite…a SHORT favourite: “Happy Everafter In Your Eyes” by Ben Harper. The struggle to feature all sessions and clients was very real. In the end, it was impossible. Lol. Mental note for next year :)

I’m very thankful for this look back - it forces me to pause and reflect on the year that’s passed; to revisit the stories and special moments that were shared with me. I hope there never comes a time when I don’t shed a tear (or a bazillion) or laugh out loud or sit with a silly grin while I pour over the year’s images. Thank-you never ever seems to cut it, but I am thankful beyond words. The invitation into your stories and precious moments is a gift and the ultimate trust - my heart is full and so very grateful.

Please enjoy this year’s love note from me to you.

With a grateful heart.

Only love.

Heather {London Ontario Photographer}

baby t | london ontario newborn photography


This was one of those newborn sessions that had a beautiful flow from start to finish. Baby T was so sleepy until the very last moment when she opened her eyes to say hello :)

Heather x   {London Ontario Newborn Photographer}


farewell 2017, thank-you.

If you follow along, you might know that this has become a favourite tradition of mine - a look back at the year in Heather Lynch Photography's world. More specifically, it's my love note to all of you who have trusted me to capture some of your most special moments with your most cherished people. 

If you follow along, you also might know that 2016 was a trying one, personally (last year's farewell). My only wish for 2017 was to heal, just a little bit more. Thank-you to all of you that have touched this year. It's been a good one - full of happiness and joy and creativity and more healing than I could have hoped for. 

As a music lover, it's difficult to say that this song is my all-time favourite, but I will say that whenever I hear 'Nightswimming' by R.E.M. it's hard to believe I have ever loved another song in this life ;) It was my obvious choice to wrap up this particular year with a personal touch. 

Thank-you for sharing your stories and your journeys with me. Whether you knew it or not, you were an important part of mine. Please enjoy my farewell to 2017 below.

With a grateful heart.

Only love.

Heather  {London Ontario Photographer}


baby simon | london ontario newborn photography

Heather Lynch Photography - London, Ontario, Canada

Little Simon was one of the sleepiest babies I have ever had the pleasure of photographing. I met him when he was only a few days old and already there was a sense that he had always been there, surrounded by so much love. 

These first precious moments; there is real magic in them. The new, the wonder, the unbelievable love - every family's flow is different and so unique to them. It takes my breath away to see the beauty in them finding their way together: finding their flow. 

There are times when I truly believe you can all hear me *sigh* :)

Heather x   {London Ontario Newborn Photographer}


baby noelle | london ontario newborn photography


Sweet baby Noelle. I was so excited when her Mama contacted me to say she was expecting. I've had the honour of photographing her big brother over the years and I couldn't wait to meet his baby sister.

Welcome, Noelle!

Heather   {London Ontario Newborn Photographer}