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Like so many others in the world, my heart was heavy as the news of the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris fire spread. Paris holds a deeply special place in my heart and Notre-Dame is as special a place as I have been. I don’t think I’ve ever shared photographs from my travels in Paris, but in light of the news sharing a few from Notre-Dame feels like a small way to honour my memories of her, her stories and this new chapter for her and for Paris.

It was art history that began my love for Notre-Dame. It seems like Paris or Notre-Dame was a major player in every art history course I’ve ever taken, ever (only a slight exaggeration). I first visited Notre Dame at 17 and I’ve been so very lucky to visit her more over the years. I’ve sketched at her doors, lit candles, made wishes, climbed the centuries-worn stone steps to the bell tower (387 to be precise), made friends with the gargoyles and gazed skyward at her spire - All the while in awe of her presence in the world for over eight centuries. So lucky, I was, and I knew it - yet I still took for granted that someday I’d sit in her presence again, just as she was. I’m heartbroken for what’s been lost and for the people of Paris, but hopeful for someday. ♡

Heather x {London Ontario Photographer}

An elephant and a heron are included in Notre-Dame’s protective cast of of characters.

An elephant and a heron are included in Notre-Dame’s protective cast of of characters.

The view from the top of Notre Dame, toward the Eiffel Tower.
Wyvern of Notre-Dame, the two-footed dragon.

Wyvern of Notre-Dame, the two-footed dragon.

Interior of Notre Dame, vaulting.

Interior of Notre Dame, vaulting.

Interior of Notre Dame, looking toward the altar.

Interior of Notre Dame, looking toward the altar.

Styrga, arguably the cathedral’s most famous chimera, faces toward the Eiffel Tower.

Styrga, arguably the cathedral’s most famous chimera, faces toward the Eiffel Tower.

baby b + baby e | london ontario newborn twins photography


Be still my heart. These two tiny boys, their very big, (VERY sweet and gentle) fur-sister and their superstar mom and dad had my heart melting at every turn. Double the love, double the joy…double the everything ;)

They are a wonder. Truly.

Welcome, little ones.

Heather x {London Ontario Newborn Lifestyle Photographer}


Big sister didn’t love when her baby brothers were sad, but she was never too far away to keep an eye on them. ♡♡♡♡


baby g | london ontario newborn photography


I was so excited to meet Baby G! It’s been my pleasure to photograph her family since the birth of her big brother…my other buddy G :) And she is as lovely and sweet as I knew she would be…and from the moment of her arrival, adored. An arrival that just happened to include being DELIVERED. BY. HER. DADDY.

Welcome, Baby G!

Heather x {London Ontario Newborn Photographer}


baby colin - 6 months | london ontario baby photography


One of my most favourite things to do is to photograph a family over the course of their first year of 'becoming'. Becoming a family of 3, or 4... It's my absolute honour and pleasure to capture the first year in the life of a new little human - from mommy's maternity session all the way to that first birthday milestone and all the beautiful family moments in between. 

This was my second 'Baby's First Year' for this sweet family. During Colin's 6 month session there was a tornado warning issued, unbeknownst to us - the humorous part being my endless comments about how I loved the moody lighting :) In the end, all was well and this family were their usual adorable, fun and easy-going selves.

Heather x  {London Ontario Portrait Photographer}


farewell 2017, thank-you.

If you follow along, you might know that this has become a favourite tradition of mine - a look back at the year in Heather Lynch Photography's world. More specifically, it's my love note to all of you who have trusted me to capture some of your most special moments with your most cherished people. 

If you follow along, you also might know that 2016 was a trying one, personally (last year's farewell). My only wish for 2017 was to heal, just a little bit more. Thank-you to all of you that have touched this year. It's been a good one - full of happiness and joy and creativity and more healing than I could have hoped for. 

As a music lover, it's difficult to say that this song is my all-time favourite, but I will say that whenever I hear 'Nightswimming' by R.E.M. it's hard to believe I have ever loved another song in this life ;) It was my obvious choice to wrap up this particular year with a personal touch. 

Thank-you for sharing your stories and your journeys with me. Whether you knew it or not, you were an important part of mine. Please enjoy my farewell to 2017 below.

With a grateful heart.

Only love.

Heather  {London Ontario Photographer}


farewell 2016, you were a monster.

This is one of my favourite rituals. Some of my favourite photographs of 2016 paired with one of my favourite songs of the year. Choosing photographs is always heart-led, but deliberate; soulful photographs that tell a story. Oddly enough (maybe not), this is how I choose the song - a song that has me head over heels in love with it. This year it’s Donovan Woods’ “What They Mean”. You need him in your life --> {HE'S HERE}

2016 is a year unlike any I’ve experienced. It was a hard one. Do you agree? A monster. It seemed like the world turned on itself in so many awful ways and suffered loss, profoundly.

Very personally, it felt like my world went dark. In early 2016 I lost my dad. 12 years after the loss of my mom, my heart…and my compass…had taken a beating. 2016 became the year of healing and questioning…my world, my life, my path, and my work. In the wake of loss I wasn’t sure if I could put myself in the middle of all the joy and love that you share with me…and still see it the same way.

For a while, my path and my work were already set. Months of bookings were confirmed and I made the decision to surrender to my photography schedule as it was. In every other moment, I was a mom and a daughter. Only. And both of those women needed to heal.

In that early whirlwind of chaos the separation made sense, but I quickly realized how connected the photographer, the mom and the daughter were. We all needed healing. And in the same way you never know who will truly and unexpectedly show up when you’re down, photography was a lifeline, for all of us.

During a year when THE world and MY world could, at first glance, seem hopeless I was shown just how much light and love live in this world. I’m leaving 2016 behind a little worse for wear, but wiser, full of love and more thankful than ever. Every year I find it hard to express how grateful I am to the friends and clients of Heather Lynch Photography – this year…I can't begin to find the words.

So here it is. My love note. My endless thanks. My look back at the year and all of the love and trust you have honoured me with.



Heather   {London Ontario Photographer}

well, hello there.

Let's give this blog some lovin' shall we?

So many sweet, gorgeous, wonderful, breathtaking, quiet, monumental moments and photographs to share since last we met. Let's do this...

To begin, my yearly love note and a look back at September of 2016. Oh for goodness sake. (click below)

Be back soon,